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The Beginning

Hendrix was adopted by his grandmother, Heila Schultz Newman when Hendrix was just a baby as her daughter, Hendrix mom, and his father were addicts. In and out of jail constantly, Ms. Newman wanted to provide more for this sweet boy. With many opportunities for Hendrix's mother to sober up, unfortunately that was never the case.  

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Meet Glammy

​Glammy is Hendrix grandma and Bethany's mother. Ms. Newman is a 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran & Chaplain.

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RIP Bethany

Ms. Newman was preaching a wedding right across the water at the same time of her daughters death, unfortunately. She woke up the next morning to a "water alert" with her daughters picture. Later that morning, her body was discovered. 

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Meet Hendrix

Hendrix is a good boy who loves the Lord and gives his all on any field, baseball/football. Because both his parents were 5'3'', he is smaller than his classmates and teammates - BUT that does NOT stop him!!

Henny is kind and thoughtful with others and has a tender heart, for example - While watching the movie Radio, Hendrix cried several times asking "What is wrong with people Glammy? They have hate in their heart, Jesus can fix that". 

It Takes a Village...

The Bible says "It takes a village to raise a child" and we are firm believers in that. With the help of those who are part of our village, we have set up a sports & education scholarship fund for Hendrix. 

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